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Save on your septic system


Installing a quality, long-lasting septic tank system is perhaps the most important aspect of the foundation for your project. Ensure you get the right septic tank system for your construction, and avoid the costly expense of leak detection and repair, and removal and replacement of inadequate systems. McKeever's will thoroughly assess your project plans and design, and create a septic tank solution that's right for you.

• Septic system designs

• Septic system repair

• Septic system inspection

• Septic system installation

• Septic system maintenance

• Aeration and sand filter maintenance

• Electronic locator

• Septic tank cleaning


Emergency septic system services are available:

Maintaining your septic system is a constant investment. Why not save on those costs for the life of your system? Choose us as your septic system installers, and we'll provide 20% OFF all your septic pumping for life!


Need multiple septic systems installed? We offer 10% discount on multiple tanks pumping in one trip.

All septic installations are warrantied for

five years.

Complete septic services:

Your property and your design is unique, so why shouldn't your site development and sanitation system be so too? When your property doesn't allow for a traditional system, you'll get the custom solution you need at McKeever's. We'll design your mound septic system, ensuring proper sanitation without contamination.

Custom systems for your property